Proraso ‘Contemporary’ Beard Oil (30ml)


Softens and protects the beard while taming stray hairs and preventing dryness. Especially good for longer, thicker beards.

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Part of Proraso’s superb contemporary range, this beard oil is specially formulated to soothe and protect longer, thicker beards. Softens and protects the beard while taming those irritating stray hairs and preventing dryness.

Azur Lime: An intense fusion of lemon and orange, enriched with mint leaves, augmented by juniper juniper berries with hints of musk, wood and patchouli (which, apparently, is a ‘bushy herb of the mint family’).

Cypress & Vetyver: Hints of cypress compliment the unmistakable freshness of bergamot, with a core of cedarwood and vetyver, culminating in an embracing explosion of amber and musk.

Wood & Spice: A classic manly fragrance of cedarwood, with hints of cumin, saffron, cumin and vanilla.


Directions for use: Apply to your palms and massage into the beard. Use with a beard comb or brush to help the oil penetrate through to the roots.

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Animal-free | Vegan, Vegetarian, Cruelty-free