Proraso ‘Classic’ Pre-Shave Cream (100ml)


Softens hair, protects skin and promotes razor glide when used before shaving, reduces irritation when applied after shaving.

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Proraso’s pre-shave cream can be used before shaving to soften the beard, assist razor glide and reduce the likelihood of cuts, but it can also be applied post-shave to alleviate stinging and irritation.

The ‘Classic’ ranges consists of three variations; Refreshing, Sensitive and Nourishing.

Refreshing: An invigorating cream containing eucalyptus oil and menthol, used in Italy since the 1920s.

Sensitive: Similar to the original refreshing eucalyptus oil and menthol cream, but specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Nourishing: With shea butter, designed to be especially effective on thicker, coarser facial hair.

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