Edwin Jagger Alum Block


Alum possesses styptic and astringent properties which stem bleeding, close pores and encourage healing. Use after shaving to reduce razor-burn and enhance post-shave comfort. Natural, paraben-free and long-lasting.

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Used after shaving, the Edwin Jagger alum block is a natural, paraben-free product that has a styptic effect (which means it’s capable of causing bleeding to stop when it is applied to a wound). It serves to stem the bleeding of shaving nicks, close the pores and offer post-shave comfort.

Alum can be found in some shaving creams and soaps, in trace amounts, to enhance comfort during shaving. But, owing to its medicinal healing qualities, applying a pure alum block to the skin post-shave offers greater relief against razor burn and discomfort. The astringent properties of alum can also encourage the healing of cuts by constricting blood vessels and tightening the the pores. This can cause a tingling sensation during use, and is to be expected.

Direction for use: For best results, wash away any residual shaving cream or soap from your face. Moisten the alum block with cold water to assist with closing the pores, then rub the block onto the shaved areas. After use, rinse the alum block, pat it dry and store in a dry area. Alum blocks are long lasting, especially so if dried after use and stored correctly.

Ingredients: Potassium alum

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