Welcome to Beardy Pete’s Shaving Emporium, a fine collection of traditional double-edge (DE) razors, straight razors and everything else you need for that amazing smooth shave that you just don’t get with mass produced cartridge systems.

It doesn’t matter how many blades or aloe strips they squeeze into the cartridge heads, nor how many celebrities they pay to tell you about the latest multi-blade, super self-lubricating razor with its pivoting head and vibrating handle; with the proper preparation using quality products, a decent brush and the right technique nothing, nothing, compares to the closeness of a DE or straight razor.

For those of you rocking a beard, the precision offered by a single blade is unparalleled. The edges will be clean and crisp, leaving your beard looking extra awesome.

What was once nothing more than a necessity, traditional shaving has developed into an entire subculture, and with a plethora of different razors and brushes to choose from, and all sorts of oils, creams and lotions designed to enhance the shaving experience, the world of traditional shaving is surprisingly complex. If you’re just beginning your traditional shaving journey, the information in our guides will help demystify the mysteries, and our specially selected, quality products will instil in you a new love for shaving.  Either way, whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned traditional shaver, our easy to navigate site has everything you’ll need to help you achieve shaving greatness.


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